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To directly improve our clients' business results:

revenue, cost, capital, culture, conduct.

Why we exist
What We Do
How We Do It


Together with our clients, we break down complexity and co-create simplicity. The steps from legacy to future-state become transformational



We influence through respectful intelligence, diligent excellence, acquired experience and intrinsic transparency 





EDT Consulting was founded with a passion for transparent, calm and engaged advice to financial institutions and industry participants. Our team of associates have worked with banks, insurance companies, brokers, asset managers and family offices when impactful decisions are required to transform from legacy to future state.

Because we engage respectfully and jargon-free, our services are professional for professionals.

EDT Consulting advises on operating model set-up and simplifications. We help organizations and their staff to become aware of and to embrace simplifications, gain the knowledge and skills to implement change, and to create sustainable behaviours and results.

We cover all front office and support function activities where we have deep personal industry experience, including customer channels, sales, trading/risk, structuring, capital markets, transaction banking, portfolio management, asset management, operations, technology, finance, human resources, risk, compliance, governance, communications and audit.

We are advocates of a simplified and intrinsically transparent execution framework that makes material impacts, quickly. We customize our programs so that they lead to sustainable outcomes and relying on us is not perpetual. 

We are do’ers and make things happen. We build trust by empowering our clients’ staff to ultimately implement and sustain change. 

What we do for our clients, is what we have done many times before ourselves. We therefore ensure that as consultants we are not bringing more complexity of our own.

We provide advice in modular format, starting with engagements deployable in short sprints of a few days. Full value is achieved when a holistic implementation across businesses and functions is undertaken.

"The opposite of the simple is not the complex, but the ambiguous."

André Comte-Sponville



Founder and Managing Director

Stefan is the founder of EDT Consulting and advises financial industry leaders in strategic transformation journeys front-to-back across their organisations.


As CEO and COO/CAO and Head of Business lines, Stefan has over 25 years experience in Asia, Europe and the US and has lead strategy and execution delivery for some of the world's largest financial institutions in their Markets, Banking, and Asset Management businesses, as well as all the respective Support Functions.

Through various chairman and board directorship / INED roles he brings relevant hands-on experience in governance and stakeholder management, including direct regulatory and client engagement in many jurisdictions.

As mentor and coach to senior managers and directors, Stefan provides practically relevant and personalized advice for real-life management situations.  

The Founder

Antonio Melotti

Antonio is a Senior Advisor at EDT Consulting specializing in Compliance, Governance, Risk & Control and Supervision.


Antonio brings with him a wealth of industry knowledge from his work as COO in Asia and Europe as well as various Head of Governance & Controls and Head of Operational Risk Management roles with major financial institutions. 

As a leader of both first and second line defense teams, Antonio has accumulated practically relevant business and functional management experience himself.

Antonio has worked formulating and implementing control, risk and supervisory frameworks across jurisdictions in Asia Pacific, and is a trusted advisor to executive management teams. 

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Senior Advisor

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