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Business Advisory

"We do have a Plan!" - Strategic decisions with agreed assumptions, common understanding among all stakeholders, and clarity of impact - an ideal concept...

When management and board members are faced with less than ideal situations we provide unbiased advice and analytics on strategy and execution. We understand the critical importance of pro-active and timely management actions in times of unprecedented volatility. We provide relevant business context in increasingly data driven environments, and are trusted to advise where process-heavy functions are integral parts of a business.

Because we have an extensive track-record delivering complex operating model changes in business, operations, technology and other functions, our intrinsically transparent execution approach has been adopted by industry leaders. What we do for our clients, is what we have done many times before ourselves.

Wether refining business strategies, improving customer journeys, or optimizing functional support modelswe supplement the in-house perspectives with practically relevant external view-points.

When stakeholders require bridging a gap between 'executive expectations' and 'SME language', we help leaders to be precise in their asks and business champions to favour the right behaviours over jargon. Our operating model advice utilizes industry standard open-architecture documentation and provides stakeholders with execution ready support.

Business Advisory

Stakeholder and Change Management

”That team is difficult and no one reconcile their information...” – When our clients face stakeholder engagement issues, and team efforts do not match expectations, we help make root causes transparent

We believe that people tend to behave rationally, and that understanding which incentives drive poor behaviour is a chance for purposeful, sustainable change. We analyse and visualize our clients' data and decision processes and enable an evidence based solution approach.

We understand that delivering lasting change requires having aware and motivated staff that are empowered and trained. We work with our clients’ management that teams understand what is in it for them when transforming their organization.

Streamlining unreconciled information, while avoiding the risk of confusing information with strategy, our golden source data management framework breaks down organizational barriers. Built-in incentives for consistent stakeholder behaviour enable our clients to bridge silos, and overcome stakeholder barriers effectively.

Critically, a successful risk and compliance culture reflects our clients' intent in rules and vice versa. Regulatory expectations are increasing. When clients embed transparent structures into their supervisory and risk/compliance context, they enable pro-active management of behaviours and conduct.

Stakeholder Management

Business and Entity Governance

"Who does what by when?" - Simplified and effective evidencing of accountabilities and responsibilities across functional and local lines increases efficiencies and makes our clients more resilient.

Regulatory engagement improves with a clear supervisory framework and conduct approach, e.g. in critical compliance work across Know-Your-Client (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML).

Our advice is unambiguous, and uses simple and transparent terminology. We ensure that our programs do not bring bring complexity of their own. 

When spans and layers management of an organisation require a new targeted approach, our clients benefit from a holistic view of all employed resources and their activities. We take our clients beyond traditional Chief of Staff concepts. We offer C-suite and staff augmentation aimed at empowering our clients’ staff to implement and sustain change themselves.

Our clients' boards benefit from Independent Non-Executive Director services by highly experienced industry leaders with strong track records across countries and regulatory regimes. Our diplomatic influencers support successful board level staff, client, regulator and shareholder management.

Business & Entity Governance

Specialized Advisory

Examples of our specialized advisory work include

  • Program and project set-up, delivery and simplification

  • Wallet analysis and client strategy formulation across client segments

  • Banking portfolio analysis and growth & divestment strategies

  • Property and location strategy transformation across all businesses and functions

  • Regulatory conduct remediation projects

Specialized Advisory Services
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